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Wanderer Wonders Subscription Boxes

Oh, there you are! Thanks for coming when I summoned you! Hi! I'm Ophelia! I'm an adorable little pixie-bat and Devia's best friend.

Lilatheen & Ragar have a magical yurt in Tavshae, er, Telford, right, they told me to tell you it was Devia & Mike’s yurt in Telford, Pennsylvania - their the keepers you know? Forget I mentioned that other place ok? Anyway, this yurt acts as a magical portal between people and places. It’s the same sort of magic that is used on those tents in Harry Potter or Mary Poppin’s bag. Oh, I’m giving away secrets, I probably wasn’t supposed to tell you that either, but you can keep it hush-hush right?

You might think the yurt is awesome but it's too far away for you to visit. Well, that's why you need to understand that this is a magical yurt! It can come to you!

The Wanderer Wonders subscription box transforms the empty yurt above into a lavish, mystical space that magically appears on your door-step once per quarter. This quarterly subscription box by pagans, for pagans comes directly from the Wanderer Spiritual Center yurt (yes, a real place - come visit us!). Inside your magical portal box, you’ll find all kinds of curiosities and wonders, magical objects and wisdom from long ago and far away.

While every box is different, even boxes shipped at the same time may not contain identical items, each box will contain more value than the purchase price. Examples of what you might find inside include handcrafted items, altar & ritual supplies, wands, collectable book of shadows pages and box of shadows cards, art, wisdom, books, novelties, curiosities, bath and body products, incense, herbs, jewelry, crystals, tote bags, and more. Items may be new, used, or even really, really old. They may be machine manufactured and handmade.

Every box will also include fun games and giveaways to get even more magically amazing curios.

The first boxes will ship January 15th, 2019. There will be a limited number of boxes available, so to receive a notification when the first boxes are available for purchase, click the "Subscribe" button in the upper right corner of your screen!

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