Core Values

Wanderer's mission is to create a spiritual community founded on 5 main principles:

Radical Inclusion

Everyone is welcome at Wanderer Spiritual Center. There are no required belief systems, levels of experience, lifestyle or other prerequisites required to participate in our community. We recognize that no person or path is better or worse than another, only different. We embrace diversity and the various opportunities for learning and growth that come with it.

Learning and Growth

Wanderer Spiritual Center focuses on providing opportunities for our members to learn and grow in ways that are meaningful and accessible to them with online learning, and in person classes, services, walking trails, meditation space, altars and gatherings.


We appreciate the value and worth of every individual and strive to honor their beliefs, lifestyle and choices. We strive to treat others as they wish to be treated and err on the side of kindness and compassion.

Community Participation

Our community values profound collaboration and participation. We believe that transformation and change in both the individual and society only occurs through deeply personal participation. We strive to create and sustain social networks, spaces, publications and communications that encourage and promote interaction. Being is doing. Look around, How may you serve, how may we serve you, and together, how may we best serve the Gods and Goddesses, our fellow humans, the planet, and the unfolding Mystery?


We strive to do what is right, even when no one is looking and recognize that right or wrong, we are accountable for our own choices and actions.

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