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Hello? Hello....
Oh, there you are! You're a little transparent right now. Concentrate a little harder and I know you can get here. Where is here? Well, you'll just have to read my posts to find out more and subscribe to me at Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/wandererbat) for all the deepest secrets. But maybe you're not ready. This journey isn't for the faint of heart! My companions must be brave, strong, and flexible!

"Flexible? Like backbends and stuff?" asked Ophelia the pixie.

Something like that....

My ancestors include the wisest man to walk the Nine Worlds. There was also a Knight of the Shire. Later, a few religious refugees. Then came not just one but two accused witches. My blood holds revolutionaries, visionaries, religious leaders, masters of industry, founding fathers, explorers, scientists.  And here I am, with all this legacy, Wandering through the desert looking for God within. Like the bat seeking food, not all who wander are lost.

I am A. Devia, the Wanderer. Join me and my quirky little pixie friend, Ophelia, for deep thoughts, whimsical and funny musings, beautiful photographs and more.

From the heart of the earth and the sublime ether, Wanderer is a beacon in the dark for those forging their own sacred path.  Believe in magic, in love, in faery tales, in miracles, in peace, in people and most of all Yourself.

Warning! Contained within these pages you will find bits and pieces, mystical stories about the Gods and Goddesses, incantations, short stories, parables, epic tales, recipes, spells and more. Ophelia and I are on a Quest; it is full of serious moments, silliness, romance, sex, mystery and adventure. Joins us on this quest because…

It's time you knew the truth about your Gods and the origins of man.
Whoever published this wanted a check.
Well, you see, I've been ordered to "Write in a book" before, and I fucked it up. So now I listen, and I write all kinds of shit and have been for hundreds of years now. Good luck reading it!
This is just a parody, satire, for comedic purposes only and should not be judged on anything except your quality of laughter. Or is it?
Because we are un-dimensional beings living outside the space/time continuum and this really is how we plot the course of your world and thought it was time you knew the truth.
Because a crazy immortal pixie made me do it.

Whatever the reason, may Lilatheen be your guide when the darkness falls, may Damial make you question everything you thought you knew and may Ragar smile upon your death, because in the end….we all die.

Thank you for joining me, friend, and taking the first step on a new journey..

Why should you subscribe?
Like you, I have bills to pay and mouths to feed. You see immortality, divine friends, magical training...it just doesn't pay the mortgage!  Like the rules of the ancient Jinn, you cannot make a wish for unlimited money and I cannot cast a spell for it either. Bummer right?

Writing and art are time consuming. To put together enough material for a book can take a year or more of full-time work and then there is no guarantee on the income. By delivering content on a weekly basis, it helps put critical new information from the ancient ones in your hands faster and keeps my income stable. My kids are pretty demanding when it comes to putting dinner on the table every single day! Can you believe it?

"I can believe it. I LOVE lasagna and popcorn!" Ophelia chimed in.

So, please, enjoy what you find here at Wanderer and on my other social media, but to see all the stories, to learn the deepest secrets from the most ancient gods, you'll need to subscribe (https://www.patreon.com/wandererbat), you won't be sorry, the adventure will be epic, the scenery beautiful and ....

"And I'm simply fabulous!" Ophelia typed by jumping from key to key.

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