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Oh, there you are! You're a little transparent right now. Concentrate a little harder and I know you can get here. Where is here? Well, Wanderer Spiritual Center is in Telford, PA, Allentown, PA, online, on Patreon, and hopefully, soon, in your heart and soul. From the heart of the earth and the sublime ether, Wanderer is a beacon in the dark for those forging their own sacred path. Believe in magic, in love, in faery tales, in miracles, in peace, in people and most of all Yourself. If you walk a spiritual path, then come join us and let us walk together for a time. Wanderer Spiritual Center is a place for learning, sharing, gathering, shopping, and worship. Like the bat seeking food, not all who wander are lost.

"Hi! I'm Ophelia! I'm an adorable little pixie-bat and Devia's best friend. Devia and Mike own and run Wanderer, but Devia is kinda shy so I'm going to tell you all about them! Let's see, Devia's descendant from an ancient sage, revolutionaries, founding fathers and a couple of Salem Witches. She's spent a lifetime studying stuff…I know she told me which stuff…pillow-stuffy? No, that's not it. Philo-lots-a-stuffy? No, hmmm…ideas and beliefs and gods and goddess and, oh, yeah! Runes! Lots and lots of Runes! She even wrote a whole book about those guys. Hmm…what else? She writes stuff and then tells everybody all about it on Wednesdays, she calls it Wisdom, I call it, Dishing with Devia because I get to help her with it! Anyway, she also takes lots of really awesome pictures and makes really pretty stuff. And she loves to help people! She might be shy at first, but once you get her talking she's got all kinds of wisdom locked up inside her noggin and it's just bursting to get out, like an Elephant in a room full of mice!"

"Now for Mike. Let's see, he's our resident paranaval, no, parmesan? Para-not-very-normal expert. Hauntings, strange encounters, divine beings. He's your man, or ghost, or monkey. One of those! He loves to spend his free time in cemeteries and on ghosts hunts. If you can't find him in the center, then he's probably somewhere out on the grounds making sure everything is beautiful for you! Well, I think that's about it. Go check out their fundraiser and store to help support the Wanderer Spiritual Center! Oh, and make sure you walk through door number 3, ok?" said Ophelia. Then she disappeared in a shower of sparks. A moment later she appeared again and asked, "Um…how do you feel about blue Jello? Nevermind, we'll find out soon," and she disappeared again.

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