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Wanderer Spiritual Center Coming soon to Telford, PA

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Two years ago my husband and I ran a new age shop called Wanderer. We were getting a lot of really great feedback and regular customers. We invested a lot of time and money into expanding into a larger space so that we could offer classes and workshops and other events. On opening night in our new, larger space, our landlord threw us out. We think it was discrimination but we couldn't prove it and it turned out there was a clause in the lease that allowed them to terminate at any time, without reason or cause. We were devastated mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. We lost every penny we invested. It also hurt the pagan community. People lost a place to get advice and supplies as well as education and networking. We've taken time to heal. We've saved up more money (though not enough yet). We want to reopen, Wanderer Spiritual Center in Telford, PA on 2 acres of partially wooded private land. We wil carry some product but our focus will be to offer guidance, gatherings, classes, services, and whatever else our community needs. We will also continue our online efforts to provide for a wider geographic area, in any way that we can including our bi-weekly pagan sermons. We are hoping to open our doors by the end of Summer 2018!

So, today, we are reaching out to the community. Please get involved. Comment , PM me, send me a friend request, join our Facebook group, buy a t-shirt. We are looking to build a list of people interested attending activities, guest bloggers, leaders and  teachers interested in running events, classes and services, volunteers, and community support for our fundraiser.

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Wanderer Spiritual Center - coming soon, Telford, PA

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Inside Critical Acclaim Tattoo and the Dragon Emporium

Merchant Square Mall

1901 South 12th St., Allentown, PA. 18103.

Open every weekend.

Friday – 12pm – 9pm

Saturdays – 10am – 7pm

Sundays – 10am – 5pm

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