Monday, March 2, 2015

Why Good Girls Love Bad Boys

By A, Devia
Girls: Give the Good Guy a Chance, You're not as Bad as you Think

MoonWillow WhiteStorm has written an awesome article about balance and how things are not all good or all bad called My Concept of Grey.  It has inspired me, along with some person issues, and talks with friends to encourage the Good Girls to give the Good Guys a chance.

I get upset sometimes when I encounter people who try to live to the extremes of black and white, good and bad.  I totally agree with MoonWillow, life is never that clear cut.  In fact, I really enjoyed Disney's recent movie Maleficent and the Once Upon Time TV series, where we get to see behind the villain and learn why they are so angry and that maybe the hero isn't quite as good as we have been told to believe.  I think we need more stories like that in our culture.  Maybe more romance movies and novels where the characters are less than perfect but they love each other anyway.

Why do good girls like bad boys?  Why do good guys finish last? It is because girls grow up thinking that to get Prince Charming, she needs to be Princess Perfect.  Beautiful, graceful, smart, funny, perfect.  And she knows, she isn't.  Sometimes she wakes up with her hair standing on end.  Sometimes she curves more here, and not enough there.  Sometimes, well, a lot of times, she is moody and fickle.  Sometimes, she gets mad.  Always, she is imperfect, and not good enough for Prince Charming.  Next to the bad boy, she can feel like Princess Perfect, or close to it.  In her eyes, he makes her look good.

Newsflash ladies, Prince Charming isn't perfect!  The good guy isn't perfect either. 

Bigger news flash, the good guy doesn't expect you to be perfect.  He sees lots of good things about you and feels like the not so perfect stuff are things he doesn't care about or can deal with.  If he is willing to take the risk on getting hurt because he sees you as someone he can love, then give yourself enough self respect and self confidence to take a chance on the good guy. 

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