#mynameis Raven Gypsy - Facebook Lied!

By Raven Gypsy


Today, I found out that a performer I love has been kicked off of Facebook.  Her account, her communications, her photos, her contacts - business and personal - all GONE.  Last fall Facebook instituted a "real name" policy and began deleting accounts of anyone they thought was using a fake name.  They hit the drag queen community hard and saw a huge public outcry.  In response, they said they would stop.  Facebook lied! ( #facebooklied @MarkZuckerbergF )

Facebook's Real Name Policy is not protecting anyone.  It is hurting small businesses, performers, writers, and plain old people who are know by a nickname.  Your identity and your legal name are not always the same thing.  The "Pen Name" and the "Stage Name" have been around since people began writing and performing.  This is not something new.  This is not an anti-social aberration that puts the public at risk or endangers them in anyway.  It is a commonly accepted social convention.

Facebook: Get a grip.  Give Mab Just Mab back her account and stop harassing the beautiful, creative and unique individuals that make our social fabric fun and interesting.  We will not conform.  Love us or lose us.

Click for the full story about Mab.

#facebooklied @MarkZuckerbergF Reinstate @mabjustmab on facebook! http://wp.me/p4jBPm-3N #mynameis Mab, Just Mab! Please Retweet!

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