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Meditation Technique: Alert Relaxation

Photo By: Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

By A. Devia
Alert Relaxation is a meditation technique that enables your body to deeply relax while your mind stays acutely alert. When you become extremely relaxed, your body seems to recede into the back ground while the outside world draws most of your attention.

Imagine that warm currents of mental energy are very slowly moving up through your body. Proceed very slowly, allowing each muscle group to fully relax before sending the imaginary currents onto the next section of your body. Feel the muscles in your feet gradually warming and relaxing as you imagine the currents passing through them. Imagine that the currents very gradually continue moving up through your calves, into your thighs, through your hips and buttocks and into your lower back and abdomen.

Feel the muscles in your legs becoming heavy, warm, and relaxed as they sink down into the chair beneath you. When you feel your legs becoming deeply relaxed, imagine the currents moving in a clock wise motion around your abdomen, then up along your spine and through the front of your torso into your chest and shoulders. Feel the muscles in your stomach and lower back letting go of any tightness or tension as the current passes through them.

When the lower half of your body feels deeply relaxed, imagine the currents flowing upward through your ribs and shoulders, warming and relaxing the upper part of your body, leaving your back and chest, completely warm and free of any stress or tension. Imagine the currents turning around to move downward through your arms, toward your fingers and hands, then moving upward once more and back through your arms and neck toward the top of your head.

New feel the muscles in your neck and face gradually growing warm and relaxing as the imaginary currents pass through them. Then imagine the currents flowing out through the top of your head, leaving your entire body feeling comfortably warm, heavy, and relaxed.

Allow your body to sink down into the chair beneath you. As you do, you may notice some inner part of you becoming lighter as your body feels heavier and heavier. You may even begin to feel a slight sensation of floating above your body. If you find yourself having such feelings, don’t analyze or attempt to directly influence them. Just allow them to evolve on their own.


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