Friday, August 24, 2012

Natural Teething Solutions

By A. Devia

Teething...Sometimes I think it is harder on us parents then it is on the babes.  They cry and drool and sometimes just look so sad and pathetic and it pulls the heart strings.  But do you really want to put a chemical numbing agent in their mouth?  Did you know that those chemical numbing agents can cause chemical burns if you use them too many times in one day?  Trust me, I know this from experience.  I had a mouth ulcer once - hurt a lot until I over used by child's teething gel - then it hurt and burned like hell!  So what is a concerned, loving, very sleepy and irritable Mommy to do to help are sweet little crying devil?

Natural Teething Solutions:

  • Frozen waffles - my daughter liked these so much that at the age of 3, she still prefers her waffles frozen rather than warm.
  • Yogurt Tubes - freeze them then cut it in half for a baby sized serving that is yummy, healthy and soothing
  • Chamomile Tea - soothing, inflamation reducing, fever reducing
  • Chamomile Tea popsicles - pour chamomile tea into popsicle molds and freeze
  • Marshmallow Root Teething Sticks
  • Clove Teething Gel (Orajel makes a commercial version or make your own)
  • Freeze a clean, wet washcloth
  • Plastic baby spoon - my daughter found these particularly useful because the concave part of the spoon would reach around an existing molar to reach the gums in the back of her mouth.  I'm sure some people would claim it could be a choking hazard.  My daughter never once choked on one, but use your own judgment.
  • Wooden teething rings - make sure any wooden teething product you purchase has been finished with an edible oil or beeswax or has been left unfinished.  Paints, stains and varnishes are not safe.

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