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Mudras: Hand-Mind Coordination

By A. Devia

Mudras are hand postures used in the East to evoke a state of mind, change an emotion and even heal the body. If you think about the statues you see of the Hindu gods or of Budda, you will often notice they prominently display unique hand and finger positions. However, you probably never realized that they were much more than artistic styling. The Mudras create a connection between your body and mind and emphasize the power we, litterally, hold in our hands. The human hand, with it's unique opposable thumb, is essentially what allows us take thoughts and, like a god, create something from nothing. If God created us in his likeness, then God has hands. Next time you do anything with your hands, write a letter, heal a patient, or simply wash a dish, consider for a moment the magic of creation you exercise with every task and know you hold the power of a god to create with your own two hands the life you imagine


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