Friday, August 17, 2012

Brown Herbal Hair Dye

By A. Devia

Hair can be dyed in various shades of brown with all natural herbal solutions.  Brown herbal hair dyes are for use by those with light colored hair or those with brown hair who want to boost color and shine or perhaps cover up some gray.

Natural herbal hair dyes will not generally provide instant results but a gradual change in shade over time with use after each shower.  When you achieve the desired shade, reduce your use to once a week to maintain the color.

Herbs that can be used to darken hair include:
Crushed Walnut Shells
Black Tea
Cherry Tree Bark
Whole cloves
Red Sandalwood

These can be combined in various ways to get different shade.  Some herbs will provide darker or lighter tones and some will last longer than others.  For example, coffee and black tea may need to be used on a daily or every other day basis to maintain color.  Crushed Walnut Shells and Leeks will provide the darkest shades.

Whatever combination of herbs you choose, simmer them in water for 20-30 minutes.  Strain into a spray bottle and apply after your shower.

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