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Apple Lanterns for Samhain

By A. Devia

Apple Lanterns were the extra special finishing touch to our Samhain Party.  The perfect size to fit on a tea saucer, they lit up our dark table and made it smell delicious.  Apple Lanterns are a great alternative to pumpkins for small spaces such as a dinner party setting, apartment, or store check out counter.   They can be lit from within with a tea lite candle or their battery operated cousin.   When using a real candle, the heat will slowly cook the Apple Lantern from the inside putting off the wonderful aroma of apple pie.  Because of their small size, it is important to use an abundance of caution.  Make sure you place your Apple Lantern on a tip safe, fire safe surface.

Making an Apple Lantern:
Apple Lantern's are made in much the same way at Jack-O-Lanterns.

Butter Knife
Pairing Knife
Cutting Board
Trash Can
Other small carving tools (optional)
Bowl filled with one part apple cider vinegar and one part water

Step 1:  Cut away the top of the apple.  This is best done at a slight angle to create a ledge for the lid to sit on at the end.

Step 2:  Use the butter knife to hollow out the inside of the apple.  You need to carve out enough space to fix the candle inside and to make the wall thin enough to carve the face.  Be gentle - apples are delicate!

Step 3:  Place a candle inside to double check that you carved out enough space.  When your content with the fit, remove the candle and move on to Step 4.

Step 4:  Carve any crazy face or picture you like just like you would with a Jack-o-Lantern.

Step 5:  Dip your apple in the bowl of apple cider vinegar.  Roll it around and make sure the vinegar coates the entire apple inside and out.  This will help your Apple Lantern last longer and rot less.  (Although, unlike Jack-o-Lanterns, as the apple rots your Lantern will actually start to look better and scarier!  Think shrunken head.)

Step 6: Insert the candle.  Light it.  Replace the lid.

Voila!  Your first Apple Lantern.


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